Healthy Eating Habits When Moving

19 August 2014

Moving the family from one home to another is never an easy experience, and there are many factors to take into consideration. Stress, anxiety, and just plain exhaustion can occur and quickly take its toll on the health and well being of the family. This is especially true when normal routines are being disrupted and regular healthy, nutritious meals are being abandoned in the confusion.

Where the Problem Starts
Too often, once most of the kitchen equipment has been packed away for shipping, and most of the perishables used up, families tend to rely on snacks, take out, and fast food to replace their normal more balanced diets. This in itself can make the entire process less productive and more stressful since these foods can, and will, produce some health problems.
How the Problem Takes its Toll

Lack of proper nutrition can produce feelings of lethargy, tiredness, and even physical problems such as upset stomachs. While many families believe that there is simply no time to eat properly during this hectic time, this is not necessarily the case. The well prepared family delegates most of the moving chores to the professionals, selecting from a wide range of suitable and responsible moving companies to handle the bulk of the work, such as packing, transporting, and unpacking once they get to their destination. Finding a reputable company to take over the move in a professional and efficient manner leaves the family free to take care of themselves during this transition period, and this includes watching their diet.

Recharging Your Batteries
Fresh fruits and vegetables should be kept available for snacking instead of the more heavy, processed, and high calorie selections. It is also advisable to keep some form of appliance behind for cooking until the last minute, such as a microwave, where it is possible to prepare soups, breakfast items, and other quick meals. When it comes to drinks, fruit juices, vitamin drinks, and just plain bottled water, can go a long way to satisfying thirst and provide needed nutrients. These are a great deal more beneficial than soda or caffeine laden drinks, and for the most part, a lot less calorie laden. With the help of moving companies, families have the time to take care of themselves, eliminate much of the stress of the move, and actually enjoy the possibility of arriving at the new location, healthy, rested, and happy.

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