Home Selling Tips for 2014

25 September 2014

After years of financial crisis, the property market is on the up again. Mortgages are available, and many people are looking to buy. So if you’re looking to sell your home, things are looking pretty good.

But the new generation of home buyers has evolved. After years of intensive news coverage of property markets, and ease of access to information online, people now know a lot more about the buying and selling of homes.

So here’s a few tips to help you sell your home in 2014.

Photo Shoot

The reality of modern life is that pretty much everything is done online. If someone is looking to buy a home, guess where their first port of call is going to be? The internet, of course.
So, you know that potential buyers will opt to check out your home via the internet. And you also know that first impressions are of great importance, especially when selling a home.
When viewing homes online, most listings come complete with extensive photographs of the property, giving buyers an easy opportunity to get a feel for the house. These photographs shape a potential buyer’s first impression, and you want to make sure you leave a good one.

What’s the best way to do this? A serious photo shoot.

The best solution is of course to hire a professional. They have the correct equipment and knowledge to make sure your home looks at its best when you post your photos online.
But you can also do it yourself. Just be sure to invest in a high quality camera, or at least borrow one, to help you with the job. Other considerations to bear in mind are cleaning up your house in advance, and taking each picture at the right time of day, when the level of sunlight is at its best.

*There was a great infographic that was published on the Property Division website about great 6 tips on how to make your home look larger

Show the House as You Intend to Sell It

When viewing a property, buyers want to gain a clear picture of exactly what they’ll be purchasing. And your furniture and personal artefacts only get in the way of this. Show them the house “as is” i.e. how it will be on the day you hand over the keys.

So take care of any repair work that needs done. Remove your furniture, carpets and all your belongings. And make sure you clean up, including polishing the doors and floors.
Once buyers see your home in this way, they’ll find it much easier to picture it as theirs, and this can help to seal the deal.


Buyers are not just purchasing your home, they are paying for the location as well. So make sure you sell them on all the advantages of your area. Atmosphere, commuting and schools are some of the most important considerations when purchasing a house.

Think about which type of buyers the location of your home would appeal to, and specifically target them when marketing your house.

Follow this advice and you’ll find it much easier to sell your home. But remember these tips all have one thing in common: they consider what they buyer wants and caters to them. When it comes to selling your home, this is the most important factor of all.

About the author, Paul S.:

Paul is a general property aficionado including investment, buying, selling and all things lifestyle related. Love looking at life through a lens, he blog, write, comment and share all things property related.


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