How Long Will They Stay

20 August 2014

Most self storage managers will agree that many renters do not really understand how long they will need a storage unit. The customer may think they know how long they will stay in the storage unit but may stay longer or shorter due to other circumstances. Customers want to believe they will only be staying for a minimum amount of time because they don’t want to spend more than they need to and they think the reason they needed storage will be resolved sooner rather than later.

The industry average for the length of time a customer rents a storage unit is about 8 months. If most people genuinely believe they are only going to stay for a month or two, why do they end up staying much longer? To put it in plain terms, life events. People are moving all of the time now because of the recession, downsizing, getting married, divorced or simply being transferred. People store their items intent on removing them as quickly as possible but inevitably, something comes up. Is it easier for them to continue storing or to remove the items only to have to store them again sometime soon? This can turn into several months as the cycle continues.

Managers can also do their part to make sure customers stay in their storage units by simply lowering rates if the customer threatens to leave. The customer may feel a lower rate is worth keeping their items in storage rather than the hassle of moving their possessions elsewhere. Other people have had their items in storage for so long they may have forgotten about them or just prefer to leave them in storage. lists thousands of storage facilities nationwide from Los Angeles storage units to Boston self storage. Rent through Self Storage Finders in just a few simple steps.

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