How To Pack In Order To Help Your Removal Company

09Feb 2015

If you are currently thinking about how best to attack the packing of your belongings for your removal, then you will do well to get it all sorted well in advance of the removal day itself. There are many ways in which a removal can go wrong, and many of them have to do with accidents which result in your belongings being broken. These things can often be avoided if the boxes are packed well, so getting that sorted ahead of the day is extremely important. The ways in which people pack are always different, and the main thing to get sorted is the flow of how you do it, as the process can be a long and arduous one, which leaves you bored and tired if you do it for too much of an extended time. The result of overdoing it on the packing is that you will usually end up getting tired and bored, which means that the latter packing that you do will not be as effective as the earlier work. This leaves the boxes open to damage and you may even have missed things out, like correctly taping the boxes shut and the like. When you are packing you need to keep your house removals team in mind. Much of the removals day itself will be spent taking boxes to and from the house and van, and if they are not packed well, this process can be slowed down. For a start, you need to have made sure that you are not at risk of having things break whilst in the boxes due to small movements, and this is all to do with wrapping certain items. You will no doubt find that there is a lot to be said for wrapping up fragile items in bubble wrap, but make sure that you do not overdo it. Whilst some items are extremely delicate, and need that kind of protection, there are some breakables that will be absolutely fine with just a layer of newspaper, and this means that they are taking up a lot less space in the boxes, meaning a more efficient use of the boxes themselves. You will find that things like plates and other tougher ceramics can be wrapped with paper, whereas fine glassware and more delicate china needs to be covered with bubble wrap. Labeling the moving boxes is a big part of helping out your house movers, as it means that they know how to treat the boxes. You will find that there is a certain amount of knocking about that the boxes have to go through in order to get the job done, but often the worst treatment is reserved for the tougher boxes, which have things like books or soft items in. These are the boxes at the bottom of the pile, or that hold a door open. If you don’t label the boxes, then you may end up with the nice china at the bottom of the pile, and if something were to slip, then it would be a very expensive mistake! You will no doubt find that labeling the boxes with the rooms that they are destined for will also mean that your removal company can leave them in the right place. This will reduce the workload for you as well as making things much easier and quicker for them. Put the corresponding names on the door of each room when you arrive to avoid confusion.

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