Is Hiring a Van Right for Your Move?

24Oct 2014

Moving house can take place in many forms, whether it is from the city to the country, a small apartment to a larger house or even from one country to another. With many removal services available and different removal companies vying for your attention, it is worth considering if hiring a van is right for your circumstances during the moving process. First of all, it is important to decide if you are going to hire a professional removal company or a man with a van service, or just hire the van and do the loading and unloading yourself. All three of these options have their own considerations to take into account.Removal Company-    Make sure you get a quote and a fair price-    Ensure the company is friendly and helpful with your enquiries-    Very time efficient-    You won’t need to do any manual labour as there will be a team of trained staff to do itMan with a Van-    Cheaper than a removal company-    One on one service so you talk directly to the person who will be loading your possessions-    Smaller, local businesses-    Trained personnel -    Provide packing materials-    Someone to assist you when loading and unloadingRent a Van-    Cheaper and more budget friendly-    Increased personal manual labour-    May need assistance of family members and friends when loading and unloading-    Need to provide your own packing materials -    Can run on your own time schedule (but this process may take longer)-    Increased risk of injury if not lifting and loading correctly     Regardless of which option you choose, it is a savvy idea to get recommendations from friends, family and neighbours who have gone through a similar house moving process. Local knowledge and insider tips can make all the different when choosing a removal company.When hiring a removal service from a larger company, be sure that you check out their website and customer reviewers. Take into account the positive and negative feedback available and potential reasons behind this. Where possible, physically go to the moving company site and chat to staff members. Make sure you feel confident and comfortable in them and the equipment used. If there staff members are not willing to answer your questions or the moving vans look outdated and unreliable, it is best to explore other options. Man with a van services are more local businesses and generally a one person operation. For this reason, you will likely get to know the person who will be loading and unloading your possessions more personally and will be able to negotiate with them and point out particularly fragile boxes that need extra care to be taken. All workers of man with a van services are trained and aware how to lift correctly. However, the same applies to the removal company and if you do not feel comfortable with the staff member, it is best to look into other man with a van services. Renting just a van and loading and unloading everything yourself or with the help of family and friends is much more economical option. However, where you save costs you increase the risk of back or shoulder strain from incorrect lifting and incorrect preparation. If you feel confident in your abilities to lift correctly and pack everything yourself, this is a great option.Ultimately, weighing up the pros and cons of all van hire scenarios is vital week before moving house takes place. Decide what is best for your and your family personally and economically and make an informed decision by doing appropriate research.

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