Saving Money When Moving a Family

20 August 2014

When you are a parent, and you have a family, moving to a new home can be more than a troubling event. Beyond the many aspects of moving that you’ll have to take care of, you’ll also have to worry about the money that it will cost to get everything accomplished. For anyone on a fixed budget, or a limited one, finding money to cover a move can be nearly impossible, which is why saving some money along the way is more than important.

If you’re moving with your family, then consider the following methods of saving some cash. Depending on the size of your family, and your move, you could stand to save hundreds just by following our advice below.

Preparing for moving day can be a long and drawn out process that involves spending quite a bit of money. Thankfully, there are many ways to cut the costs associated with this aspect of relocation. Preparing in a financially sound manner can often save you much more than you expect too. If you are moving your family, consider incorporating the following into your packing process.

•    Use used boxes. Many stores and even people who have moved before are happy to offer free or low priced moving boxes that can replace the hundreds of dollars you might have spent on new moving boxes.
•    Be creative in packing. Experts might tell you that you need bubble wrap and plain newspaper, but the truth is that there are lots of things in your home already that can be used instead. Consider towels and linens as wrap instead of spending money on paper or bubble wrap.
•    Buy what you need in bulk. There are inevitably some things that you’re going to have to purchase, such as tape. For these things, consider buying in bulk so that you have all you need for the whole move and you pay less per item purchased.
Finding Movers
Perhaps the most expensive part of the moving process is the movers that you’ll have to hire to transport your things from your old home to your new home. The cost of a good moving company can be hundreds or thousands of dollars, but even here, there are ways to save money.
•    Always do your research. There are lots of moving scams out there, which always will end up costing you more money than you thought. Avoid them by researching the companies you are thinking of hiring before you actually spend any money.
•    Get a binding estimate. A binding quote is a legally binding contract that will prevent the movers you hire from raising the prices of their services after they have your things on their truck. This is the number one monetary issue people who have moved complain about every year.
•    Find a mover who will let you do the packing. If you allow the movers to pack for you, then you will have to pay for packing supplies and the time it will take them to pack. Instead, hire them just to load the truck and drive it, while you do the packing.

Eat at Home
It might be difficult to consider eating at home while things are so hectic, but it’s important to try. If you plan out your meals ahead of time, you can actually save hundreds of dollars instead of spending it on take out and fast food throughout the move. Cook more than you need well ahead of the move so that you’ll only have to heat things up when your life gets really crazy, and consider sitting down and building a menu so that you know exactly what you need. As moving day approaches, don’t cook more than you need so that you don’t have to throw food away when moving day arrives.

Moving is an expensive process, but there are ways to keep costs as low as possible throughout. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll see that moving can be easy and affordable, no matter who you are or where you are moving.

About the Author: Alyssa Sullivan has over ten years of experience in the moving and relocation related field. She strives to help consumers across the country, find the best movers for the best prices. Learn more about moving on her website at

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