Should I Hire A Man With A Van?

17Dec 2014

Moving house can get complicated, especially when you have a family and other business to take care of. Several trips by car to transport your belongings to your new home can get tedious, costly and be a waste of time, which you could be spending unpacking or enjoying the new property. To make the process a lot smoother, you can hire a man with a van. However, many people are still uncertain of whether hiring a man with a van will be worth their while. Here’s why hiring a man with van can make your moving day infinitely easier than moving house by yourself.ExperienceMost man with van and removal services have experience in not just moving house but driving a large vehicle laden with heavy objects and doing so safely. They know the roads and are also used to parking the van conveniently upon arrival. Their experience will also extend to packing and unpacking the vehicle so that the boxes and items all fit together as well as possible, and arrive at your destination in one piece (providing you packed it that way). Most removal companies also offer insurance as part of their service, which means your items will be completely protected against damages. Therefore, in the unlikely event something does get broken, you’ll be compensated.CostAlthough there are plenty of cheap removal companies available for hire, many people assume the price is going to be too high and just another added, unnecessary expense on top of all their current expenditure. However, multiple trips by car with heavy items can end up costing you even more, as not only are you taking the journey there and back several times and using petrol, but the heavier weight will also impact on the amount of petrol the car needs to run. In addition, many of the items, such as furniture, simply won’t fit in a standard family car. Making a single, one off payment for one vehicle, driven by a person who knows how to operate it efficiently and safely, can result in a cheaper cost overall. The cost usually depends on how far the journey is, how large the van you need is, as well as other aspects surrounding the difficulty of the job. For example, whether there are stairs to climb or not. Fortunately, most man and van hire sites offer a free quote service, so the price will not come as a shock to you or your bank account.TimeMultiple trips to and from your new house can be incredibly time-consuming. Time is also precious while you’re moving; unpacking, shuffling around furniture and settling in need your full attention and if you’re making numerous trips just trying to get your belongings to your new property, this detracts from your precious time. This is especially true if you’re having to relocate and the trip is a long one. Hiring a man and van means the process only takes as long as the journey there, leaving you with more time to unpack and unwind. You can even get the company to drop off your boxes before you arrive, so that all you have to do when you get there is start unpacking.Less stressLess time and money, and letting someone with experience take the reins can take a huge load of your mind when it comes to moving. You can then concentrate on driving you and your family to the property, unpacking once you’re there and enjoying your new home.

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