What To Pack For Your Removal To University

22Aug 2014

Moving out of your parents’ home and into your own place can be a huge transition for you, and knowing what to pack for your move to university can be quite difficult. If you’re moving away for university or college and want to know what you need to pack for your move, here are some helpful tips to get you started!1)    Consider what you’ll need.There are lots of things that you’ll need for your stay at university, and a lot of things that you won’t. Have a look around your home and carefully consider what you would like to take, what you shouldn’t take and what you absolutely need. If you’re moving into student halls as opposed to a student house, it might be worth trying to get an inventory of what your room includes so that you won’t bring any unnecessary items. It’s also a good idea to be aware of the available space that you’re going to have, as you don’t want to end up bringing too many of your belongings and not have the room to store them! 2)    Make a packing list.Once you have a good idea of what you want to bring with you it’s time to make a list. Try organising your list by room and write down the contents that you want to pack. Capsule wardrobes are a great idea for university as it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to bring your whole collection of clothes, and the same goes for books, DVDs, CDs and more. Try to cut down on what you initially pack – if there are things that you decide you might need once you’ve moved in then you can always go back home to pack up more of your belongings! 3)    Make a shopping list.There are probably a lot of things that you’re going to need to buy if you’re living on your own for the first time. From cutlery and crockery to towels and bedding, carefully consider what you’re going to need if you’re living away from home. Speak with your family to see what they can give you if you’re on a budget, and check bargain stores on the high street for good discount buys. There are lots of websites that can provide first-time-moving shopping lists, so if you aren’t sure of what you need then have a look online to find the solution! 4)    Speak to your family.It’s not just second-hand items that your family can help you with, you might also be lucky enough to keep storing some of your belongings in your family home. It’s unlikely that you’re going to need things such as furniture, childhood mementos and your full wardrobe while you’re at university, and if you can store your belongings with your parents then it can save you a lot of effort. Speak with your family to see if they have plans for your bedroom, if you’re able to store your items in a garage or attic, or if they can help you with some other solution. If you’re unable to store everything that you own with your family, but you’re unable to keep it in your student accommodation then don’t panic! You can find cheap rentable storage units designed for students all over the country, so you should be able to find an affordable solution for your storage problems!

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