Why more Companies should Look into Providing Student Removals

20 August 2014

These might not sound like they go hand in hand, but as students move further away from home for their studies, are returning to study later in life or are opting for an education abroad; more and more students are requiring the help of removal companies and storage centres to assist them in their move.

Many students are looking for transportation to move their stuff from one city to the other, whereas you may simply require a van to move your things across town. For some, a student removals company is necessary to move internationally for their studies.

Whether you’re the managing director of a global organisation, or have a van in the front garden that could do with earning some extra income, this guide is for you, to tap in to the student removals market.

Why is it a good idea?
As stated before, more and more students are needing to move cross country to get their belongings from A to B, gone are the days of hard up students living off beans, todays undergraduates are savvy and looking for a great deal. Many work extra hours and have a steady income, meaning the small charge of a removals service is worth the expense when compared to the stress and time wasted on moving home alone.

Besides this, it’s also a steady source of income. Students will always be enrolling and graduating, and with that comes a year in halls before going on to shared houses or private apartments, and, most often, what goes up must come down: as those that move to a new city for studies graduate, they may well need assistance in moving even more stuff back.

Where to advertise?
Online is obviously a good place to start for the computer-minded generation, but think strategically when using more traditional methods. Place adverts around your local campus and contact the university press, radio and sometimes, TV channel, to arrange tailored advertising. To appeal to a student, you will have to think like a student; would an advert be better placed in Waitrose or Asda? Strategic advertising will spark the interest of students, which hopefully will generate word of mouth talk about the student removal service.

Along with advertising it’s a good idea to brand yourself as a student moving company, be you a one man show or national company. Appealing to students will set you apart from other businesses and give you a competitive edge with a personable and approachable persona. Opt for a website and a presence on social media to keep customers informed, updated and on the books.

How to make it profitable?
Hard up students might be a thing of the past, but they definitely know a bargain when they see one. You don’t need to slash your prices, but tailoring special offers to a certain demographic appeals to customers on a personal level. How about 20% off for mid-week removals or 10% discount for those with a student card, or moving to student halls of residence? Such tactics will generate a large amount of interest in your business, which will increase word of mouth, and thus, customer base.

After this, keep up rapport with your initial customers, offering them discount when they decide to move back. Creating campaigns which appeal to students will help you to create a brand which appeals to your audience. For example, Fresher’s Week discounts, for those moving into university, or graduation special offer, for those moving out. Soon, your student removals service will be the talk of campus, with a line of students needing your help to move.

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