It is so important that you research your mover nowadays – a large number of scams happen because people get too hasty in choosing their removal service provider. Here we will outline some questions that are bound to make your mover sweat a bit – questions that you should ask before hiring the crew. The answers of these questions should provide you with additional information and asking them should establish you as the dominant “player” in your dealings with the company. People tend to mess with a knowledgeable person a lot less than otherwise.
So, make sure you ask these moving questions

1. Does your company charge extra for travelling to my house?
Some removal companies will charge for everything – coming to the house, transporting your goods, additional gas and storage fees – start off with this question to determine whether this is the case. Find out what the travel fee is.
2. What exactly does your company mean by “extra services” and how many do apply to my case?
Hidden fees often come from “additional services” that are usually not stated in the communiqué. If the company representative is reluctant to answer this question, you can conclude that there might be something wrong. Some of the additional fees are long carry, stairs, handling of bulky or fragile items etc.
3. How do you determine the cost of my move?
The service provider should be crystal clear in his explanation of how they determine the cost of your move. Any hesitation should be taken as a sign – remember, no surprises on moving day and after – is the best kind of moving experience you can get. Some removal companies base the price of the moving service on the weight of the items, other base their price on the cubic meters. Ask for the company tariff.
4. How do you guarantee your pickup and delivery dates? What do you do if you do not make it on time for one or both of these?
A common problem with moving companies is the busy schedule. On the other hand – you are also busy and shouldn’t be changing your plans in the last second because a company couldn’t keep its word. Insist on your dates and give the company a very strict period in which they can pickup and unload. This will help you plan better, and provided the company fulfills its obligation and arrives on time, you will have a stress-free relocation.
5. What items should I prepare and what can I pack by myself?
As the representative passes each of your tests, you can get informed about the cost of their packing materials, what items you can and should pack by yourself, and etc. This is important as different removal companies have different policies on packing, and mostly – different price rates.
Moreover, there are items that are forbidden to be transported in the van – explosive, corrosive and other hazardous materials. Hazardous materials can be transported only by carriers that have the proper license and can provide the conditions for these materials to be transported safely.
6. How do you handle complaints? What is your policy on resolving disputes?

A very uncomfortable question for companies, depending on this final answer you can determine whether this service provider is for you. If they have a clear policy on disputes – you’re all set.
Once a company has answered these questions in a satisfactory manner – this is your removal champion. Hire them, use them, pay them, get your belongings into your new home and that’s it. Good luck with your move.
Author: Manuella Irwin is a relocation professional. She contributes to a couple of moving related websites including the blog.

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