There was a huge interested on this topic for a while and now the time has come for me to deliver a real article written on objective principles about.
From my stand position, I am currently representing Man Van Solutions team so we are more attracted by the man and van service. On the removal and relocating area where we operate for some good years we are almost at the head of the game. The good collaboration we have with some of the UK greatest Removals Company helped us to understand the man van hire and relocating company situation better.

The man and van hire service will always be more affordable because in the most cases is direct contact with the driver. It can be adjusted on small items collection, storage and delivery within the same day; also the price can be adjusted in most of the times for the clients need. If the man and van team, which is contracted for the job, is experienced, the customer service quality can be sometimes higher than a removal company service.

In todays world, where business are using online marketing tools and social media, with a good website and a basic equipped office, a man and van company can make nice profits. Well, that sounds great and for sure this will motivate some of you to start their own man and van company thinking that they can do it better than others. Please before you do that, let me assure you, that businesses are not for everybody, and there are very important details, which can become very sharper in time.

The one who is most capable to develop and innovate on constant basis wins the game.
There is no other important aspect than this.

Every single big removal company that exists today, once started as a simply man and van service hire, offering and covering different areas of transportation. Their capacity of understanding the game and the levels get them beyond the invisible barrier where most small companies stop. Understanding the self-discipline, the physical sacrifice, the positive mentality and the right attitude towards situations made the financial reinvestment and the balancing budget become a natural way on the path to success.

In conclusion, the man and van service hire and the removal company service can cohabit and they will do it for a while. The certain thing is that small companies will come and go because it’s really not natural to stay too long in a start position. You are either ready to make the step into the big scene or let the other behind you try their best.

Speaking for the Man Van Solutions team, we are here to make it, to continue growing one day at a time, to get valuable experience after experience, to be what we are destined to be or to create the destiny. We are here!
Fabian Olariu
Partner at Man Van Solutions

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