Moving is a great thing. You are taking a new step in your life and are ready to start a whole new chapter and by careful planning – or by hiring help – it will run by smoothly and you can remember this day with a smile on your face.

Before moving day
Throw away as much as possible or rather give away or sell on the Internet or have a garage sell, this to move as quick and easy as possible. This way you do not have a lot of unnecessary things with you to your new place. Get rid of these things you do not want in your new home first of all.

Obtain many boxes. Buying or renting real moving boxes from a moving company is better than using banana boxes from the local store. Cartons that have had food in them are at greater risk of spreading pests and that would not be so nice to start and get rid of once in your new home. Plus they break more easily.

Start packing early! If it’s summer, you can start packing winter clothes long before you move. You don’t need them now. Pack heavier items at the bottom and lighter on top. If you have heavy items like books, pack them up to half of the box and fill the rest with pillows, blankets etc. which are bulky but don’t weigh that much. Pack fragile things separately and mark the box well! If you hire a company to help you move, let them pack your fragile items (they are not responsible if something breaks). Keep practical items such as labels, marking pens, scissors, tape, string and such in a convenient place so you do not have to look for them every time you need to mark a box. It might be smart to color-code boxes so you can easily see which room they are going to.

Measure the doors, staircases, and elevator of the new home to be sure that it is possible to bring in large furniture. Change your address and relocation of telephone and Internet service. Cancel the subscription to electricity, gas, water and telephone and order new subscriptions to your new address. If you live in a city, it may be smart to arrange parking space for the van in beforehand really close to the new house. Also, try and arrange a child or animal sitter on moving day.

On moving day
Make sure the phone battery is fully charged, you will need to use it during the whole day since you won’t be able to be at all the places at the same time.
Collect jewelry, passports and other valuable documents in a safe place, in your car or something like that. And make sure to have the key at hand to your new and old home.
When everything is out except cleaning tools – if you haven’t hired a cleaning company – now is the great time to finish your final cleaning. It has never been easier to reach behind radiators and the corners which are usually obscured by furniture.

Anyone who wants to move with style, without stress, and save time – especially when moving houses – and headaches are recommended to hire professionals! Remember to first check that the mover has liable insurance before you leave all your belongings in their hands. If you are letting your friends help you out, provide them with a supply of suitable gloves, plenty of snacks, drinks and maybe a housewarming party when everything is done. Again, good luck.

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