There are many choices for buying wardrobe. The most common three types are customized wardrobe, finished product wardrobe and wood working wardrobe. You may choose the one you like according to your practical situation. shows you the advantages and disadvantages for the three kinds of wardrobes so that you can decorate your dream bedrooms with the wardrobe you like.

Customized wardrobe

1.    Design, the designers will visit and measure the size. And they will guarantee that the wardrobe you customized match well with the room space.
2.    Material, the materials for the wardrobe are from the standard companies. It has guarantee in quality.
3.    Appearance, the designers will ask advice from the owners. They will base on owners requirements to design the wardrobe. Through professional design, the appearance of the wardrobe caters to owners tastes.
1.    The price, as the designers take part in it and design, the price is comparatively higher than normal ones.
2.    The time, the industries have to make the wardrobe separately. Therefore, the time is longer than the finished product wardrobe. Normally for 20 days, some industries may need 40 to 60 days.

Finished product wardrobe

1.    Style, you can choose the style and see the wardrobe. You can decide the style according to your decorating style.
2.    Environmental protection, for the finished product wardrobe have been made for a long time, the harmful substances have scattered away.
3.    Price, the price is lower than the customized wardrobe, for they are produced in batches.
1.    Space layout, the finished product wardrobe cannot suit for every family. You should measure the size before buying wardrobe
2.    Practicability, the designs have to consider many aspects for the wardrobe. Many inner functions are not suitable for you.

Wood working wardrobe

1.    Material, you can choose the material by yourself. It has guarantee in quality.
2.    Design, you can make requirements for it. if not satisfied, it can be changed.
1.    Price, the fine wood workers require high fee for working.
2.    Appearance, as the tools limitation, the appearance is comparatively rough, especially for the brims.
3.    Safety, it will produce lots of saw dust and wood debris when working. It has hidden danger.
The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the three kinds of wardrobe. When you are planning to buy it, you have to take price, quality, style as well as your decorating style into consideration. More details on

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