Performing a removal is a complex process. It requires not only time, physical and emotional effort, but can also turn out to be a heavy financial burden to the family’s budget. There are always two options when it comes to home removals. You can either decide to do it yourself (or with the help of friends and family), or you can decide to hire a professional company to assist you in the process. As much as you might think that the first option will be cheaper, you have to bear in mind that the following is not always true: “cheap = good and effective”. Since a removal is not something you do every week or every other month, don’t spend all your time thinking of how to do it all as cheaply as possible. Hiring a removal company is always the best way to go. Even though it might cost you a little more, at least you will be sure that everything is performed with the professionalism required and your belongings and furniture will be safe.
There are a few of reasons why it is better to rely on professionals rather than on family or friends. Here are some of them:
1. Removal companies are fast
Their many years of experience have made them qualified in the area of work they perform. Since the whole moving operation is really tedious and stressful, nobody would like to prolong their anguish and decide to put up with slow movers in the face of inexperienced friends. So, if speed is really of importance for you, this is one of the pros in favour of hiring a removal company
2.They show up at the right time
Even if you get at least half a dozen of your friends to help you out, it is really difficult to make them all show up at the same time. After all, everybody has different working schedules and private lives. A removal team is nothing like that. If you agree on 5pm, you can be pretty sure about the fact that they will be at there at the appointed time.
3.They bring a moving vehicle
This is a huge plus. It saves you the hassle of trying to find where to rent a truck and having to decide exactly what type and size the truck should be. Not to mention that it might turn out that you haven’t rented the right type/size vehicle.
4.They bring tools
Just like all other specialists, the removal teams are equipped with all the tools which a removal process requires. This is not something which you can always expect from family and friends and can play a bad joke on you if you are stuck with a specific problem, which needs the proper tools in order for it to be solved.
5.They don’t break as many things
Again, this has to do with the fact that the removers have really mastered their profession and would not allow for any mishaps to occur. As much as they try to do their best, your friends might break some highly cherished items, simply because they do not know how to handle them. Not breaking any objects requires great knowledge on how the specific objects need to be packed, carried, loaded and unloaded.
6.Strictly business relations
Whenever friends or family do you a favor, you are always left with that unpleasant sense of remaining in someone’s debt. It is as if you owe them a favor in return. This might not be as much of a big deal, unless they ask you for a favor when you are least capable of performing one. Removal teams are not like that. They show up, take care of business and leave you feeling nothing else but sheer satisfaction.
This all goes to prove the many advantages of hiring a removal company. Don’t get stuck with the rest, be smart and choose the best.

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