In today’s society, your word is everything. Well, what if someone’s words were so convincible, that you just couldn’t turn the other way? That whole concepts of “If it’s too good to be true, then it is” goes completely out the window. What happens then? Where do you turn to or who for that matter? The same is said with the moving and storage industry. How do you know who’s truly the right mover for you?

The answer to that is simple RESEARCH. There is so much knowledge out there to be obtained, but many consumers are not taking the time to extract it. First and foremost check the Better Business Bureau website . There you can find out a company’s rating from an A+ to F as well as the complaints the company has. Another great site is the U.S. Department of transportation, which has a lot of useful information and gives you the tool necessary to choose a reputable mover. Having problems with a mover? Have no fear AMSA is here! The American moving & storage association will arbitrate between the consumer and mover to resolve a dispute, but only if your mover is registered with AMSA. What else can you do to be better prepared? Check out what people like you are saying on Angie’s List,,,, Yelp and other review sites! Remember that it is imperative to follow these steps before you hire your mover of choice, not after.

Unfortunately many unsuspecting consumers engaged in hiring moving companies for service fail to do the proper research and fall victims to the “Bait And Switch”. Remember that if you hire a moving company without checking its reputation and you are basing your decision on price alone, YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR A DISASTER.
Because many of the costs that are associated with operating a full service moving company are “Built In Costs” your move will cost the same no matter who moves you with a slight variation of about 10%. Some of these costs are fuel, labor, licensing, Insurance etc.…

If every moving company incurs these costs then its safe to assume that to cost of the move should be about the same no matter whom you choose as your mover of choice. Here is the switch, when a customer books a moving company for service based on the lowest price, he or she has now placed them self’s in the optimal position that rouge movers exploit. Now that the customer has to turn in the keys to the leasing office, make a flight after the move, has a closing the following day or even the same day. At this point there is no time to fined another mover or make different arraignment and typically the customer is left with the only choice of agreeing to sign things that they shouldn’t and agreeing to paying amounts that are astronomical and to add insult to injury your moving crew blames you because they conveniently didn’t have the right description from the office because they are basing everything on what you the customer told them.
Knowing your rights and a Company’s reputation is the number one way to protect yourself! Stay protected my friends!

Guy Maman & Jienne Torres

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