5 Musts To Do One Week Before Moving

25 November 2014

It’s one week until you move. You have turned your home into stacked boxes, taped drawers, wrapped furniture and you can barely live in it. You are down to completing the tasks that can only be done in the last week. Here are 5 important tasks that need completing before you make that move to your new home.

1. Transfer or close bank accounts.
Set up a new bank account before you close the old one. A feature you may be interested in is finding out if and where the ATM's are located for your new bank. Checking on convenient ATM's will help you avoid paying fees to use other companies.

2. Transfer medications.
Locate a pharmacy nearest to your new address and contact them about getting prescriptions transferred to them. The pharmacy will be able to advise you just what is involved such as; do you call the doctor or will they. You do not want to run out of a needed medicine during a stressful time like moving.

3. Make sure furniture is properly tagged.
A lot of furniture pieces are heavy. If you have hired someone like; Eastern suburbs removals by Bill Removalists you not only want them to bring those pieces into your new home, you want them to put them in the correct room. Decide ahead of time where each piece will go, and put that room's name on a tag attached right to the piece. Having a floor plan for the movers could be very helpful. If the movers know where to go, they will have to interrupt you less.

4. Have a survival kit ready in case the moving truck is delayed.
It is not as drastic as it sounds; survival kit merely means essentials you will want right away. The survival kit would contain items such as; medications, change of clothes, food and perhaps some coffee and the coffee maker. It could be important to have toiletries on hand right away and a first aid kit.

5. Unplug appliances strip beds, defrost the refrigerator.
This brings you to that last day in your old home. You should no longer be in need of appliances, your bed or the refrigerator. It is now time to pack up everything, the sheets, bedding and those appliances you have kept out until the last minute. The appliances you don't take such as; stove or refrigerator can now be unplugged.

Moving has come a long way since 1885 when they used the horse and wagon . Today using an experienced, professional team like, Bill Removalists Sydney is faster, safer and much easier on you.

They offer professional removalist services in the Eastern Suburbs. We are focused on doing a job well for each customer every time. Their staff is qualified and highly trained. You will find no other business like ours in this industry.

Whether you are looking for furniture removals or moving an office across the city, we are there for you. Bill Removalists Sydney takes a lot of pride in the work we do, and you will see it in the service you receive.

Their removalists work swiftly, professionally and are very friendly. They offer lower costs by billing on the half hour, no call out fees for area services and they always treat the customer's furniture as if it were our own.

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