Britons Moving to Canada

19 August 2014

Did you know that2000 Britons moved away from the UK every week in 2005?
Better yet, did you know that 603,000 Britons are living in Canada?
According to the BBC, “Many of those leaving appear to be young and highly skilled individuls.” (BBC, 2006)
Britons moving to Canada
Canada is a British colony which makes it an excellent choice for Britons seeking life in a different country.
Canada is full of opportunity for young professionals and specialists. Take Waterloo for example, the University of Waterloo is a hotbed of talented computer and software engineers. Waterloo is also the birthplace of BlackBerry – formally RIM – and is world renowned for being the center of the smart phone movement.
Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge is known as the tri-cities. Waterloo is renowned for its technology, but Kitchener is renowned for its Octoberfest Festival. Kitchener-Waterloo is rich with European culture, and is visited by tens of thousands yearly.
Canada Immigration and Visas
Some things to be aware of when moving to Canada:
• It’s illegal to drive without a license or insurance and registration
• No smoking inside buidlings
• Children aged 6 to 16 must attend school
• Drinking age is 19 (18 in Quebec)
• You need an immigrant Visa, and confirmation of permanent residence
• Valid passports for all travelers
• You need enough money to cover living expenses (rent, food..etc) for six months
Canada requires 10% down on a new house, and renting requires first and last month’s rent up front. You will likely want to contact a real estate agent as you prepare your move to Canada. A certified real estate agent will know all requirements to ensure your international move from Briton to Canada is a success.
Moving companies in Canada
It is most likely you will move your stuff by container. But what will you do once your container lands in Canada?
Moving Forward is a moving company located in the heart of Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario. You should make arrangements with Moving Forward, or another moving company of your choice, and ensure that the transition of your goods from the shipping container to your new home goes off without a hitch.
Moving Forward is one of the more reputable moving companies in Kitchener Ontario. Their focus is on customer service and satisfaction. Although there are other moving companies to choose from, very few will cater to your needs like Moving Forward.
Make arrangements with Moving Forward prior to moving, so they can book you in on the calendar and prepare the trek to wherever the moving container lands. There’s nothing worse than moving in with no stuff. We recommend that you plan ahead and prepare the moving company in advance.
A final word on moving from Briton to Canada
Take the advice above, and plan your transition to Canada in advance. We recommend the Kitchener Waterloo area because of its high growth and opportunity, but there are other provinces like Alberta that offer the same opportunity with great pay.
Whatever you decide, one thing’s for certain. Make sure you contact the Government, a realtor, and a moving company well in advance of your move so you can enjoy the trip over, and put your feet up and relax once your here.

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