Checklist For Comparing And Understanding International Quotations

19 August 2014

So you’ve just received a couple of quotations for your international move, and you’re trying to figure out what they exactly mean? Follow the 3 steps below to help you understand what you’re reading and correctly compare them.

You’re going to one place, and you’re moving the same amount of items, so why did all the movers you spoke to quote differently? has helped over 500 customers get rates for their international moves, and here are the 3 sets of questions they tell their customers to look go through when looking at multiple quotes.

Step 1 – The Basics
1. What’s the volume estimated in the move?
2. What type of delivery is included in the price? Door to Door (i.e. full service), or only Door to Port?
3. Is the shipment going by Air, Sea or Land?
4. Are your items going in a dedicated container just for your items? Or are you sharing the container with other customers (Groupage/LCL)?
5. How long do they expect the shipment to take?
6. Is insurance included? Check if the insurance is “Full Cover”, or only for “Total Loss” of your items. To understand the difference between the two types and gain some more understanding about insurance, you should check out their post explaining international moving insurance.

Step 2 – Inclusions and Exclusions
Usual inclusions:
• Customs export documents
• Normal customs clearance in origin country
• Origin port and terminal handling charges (THC’s)
• Sea Freight charges up to destination port
• Destination Terminal Handling Charges (DTHC’s)
• Customs import documentation
• Normal customs clearance at destination
Usual exclusions:
• Customs examination and detention charges
• Customs taxes or duties
• Quarantine or fumigation charges (common charges if you are moving to the USA or Australia)
• Storage or demurrage charges

Step 3 – Additional Special Services Included?
• Ability to track your shipment and coordination with the destination agent for clearance and delivery
• Delivery to your residence, unpacking and simple re-assembly at destination
• Handyman charges: e.g. curtain fixing, wall fittings, light fixing

It’s also worthwhile to get a better understanding of your mover. Check out a list of 5 things to watch out for when choosing a mover before you make a decision.
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