DIY Home Decorating Ornaments

20 August 2014

If you regard weaving the gloves, playing the cross stitch as fashion. Then you are out of fashion. Because the girls who are capable of managing their life already transform their sight to do home decorating ornaments. They increase some spotlights for home decorating.  It do not need too much money, you can gather the break cloth, banished can, plastic bottle and spend some thought, the back cushion, fruits basket, fake flowers all of these things can be made out by your hand.

Cartoon pendant
Materials: old clothes+ cotton (it could replace by rice or sand)
The cartoon pendant is the easiest item to learn. The procedure is very simple and the appearance is decided by you, as long as you could draw it out, whatever pendant can make it out by yourself. There are only five procedures: drawing, scissoring, suturing, filling and suturing. Even if you never touched the pin, you can make out one in one or two hours.

Cloth dolls
Materials: old cloth + cotton
The cloth dolls are the crafts with the maximum styles. You can get the newest DIY pictures as long as you give a message on the It seems complicated, but it is not difficult to do it. You just need some time to study the picture. If you are confused about it, you could ask for help from the DIY masters on the Melodyhome. Soon your bed can increase some dolls randomly.

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1.    Do not throw away the old clothes
The inconspicuous old cloth can become durable and good looking home decorating ornaments through your skilled hands. Especially for the cans, compact disks as well as old clothes.

2.    You can go to small stores for clothing
Although there are lots of old things which can turn into treasure, some special materials have to buy from those small stores such as the hook, lace and cotton. If you want some kind of special clothing, you can go to the small stores for help. Normally the places where sell beddings can find rag. If you want it to be more colorful, you can go to eBay to have a look.

3.    Patience is required for the DIY makers
Melodyhome reminds you that it is a labor work for craft makers. From drawing to paste and suture, you need have good eyesight and enough patience. Otherwise, the things you make out would be rough ones. Therefore, you cannot lose patience. You should learn it step by step.

4.    New learners could imitate first
It is not necessary for you to envy those people who make out lots of exquisite fabric works, as they may imitate the drawing from others. For the new learners, you could do it from the simple pendants. First draw a clear style on the paper, and then do it the way you draw. It is not late to create the novel items till you skilled.

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