DIY Moving Techniques for Apartments

19 August 2014

Moving and relocation may seem easy but it can be a challenge & non-ending task, for inexperienced movers or if some of the known techniques are not followed correctly. Even the smallest of the moves require tricks of the trade, planning, and good organization. Following correct procedures with planning and execution will save you valuable time and costs during the relocation phase.

Although the methods explained in this article are general but they specifically apply for moving to and from apartments.
A transit van or a small furniture removal truck is sufficient for a 2 bedroom apartment move. Planning a move during the weekdays is always cheaper, even hiring a truck will cost you almost half the price during the week. There are some tricks when it comes to hiring a vehicle :
•    Choose a vehicle with Automatic transmission if you are not used to manual gear vehicles.
•    If the move is planned in a rainy day, make there are no leakages in the body.
•    Apartments have underground parking, make sure you measure the height of the entrance and hire the truck as per suitable height to the entrance.
•    Confirm the insurance of the vehicle before you drive off.
•    Check the tyres, front lights and break lights of the vehicle, to avoid being fined by the authorities for driving an unroadworthy vehicle.

Some preparation is required before the move is attempted, to achieve efficiency and safety.
•    Clear all obstructive items from the pathways.
•    Mark all the packed boxes as per their contents.
•    Use original packing for TV , computers and entertainment systems if possible. The original packing is suitable for the move and will protect the item against shocks and vibrations of the removal vehicle.
•    Make sure the contents in the boxes is not loose, all stuff should be tightly packed.
•    Do some upfront research on the route to your destination. A smooth road with no bumps will almost 100% guarantee a successful move with no breakages.
•    Buy blankets / wraps for furniture protection, straps for furniture retention in the vehicle.
Most apartments do not have the luxury of the lifts. Moving furniture up and down by the stairs is a big challenge, it requires strength and patience. It is best to ask your friends for help when you need to go up and down the stairs. Heavy furniture should be held by more than 3 people and strong hands. Proper back and knee protection gear is a must when handling heavy furniture over stairs. It is strongly advised to arrange a removals insurance to protect yourself against any damage to public property and your precious goods.

Loading and Unloading Techniques
•    Load flat things like mattress etc first and restrain them to the sides of the vehicle.
•    Next load your furniture and heavy items like fridge, washing machine, TV etc and strap them tightly to the side anchors.
•    Lastly load all your boxes. Fully loaded on the bottom so they are non-collapsable, and light boxes on the top.
Best of Luck for your move ! 

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