Factors Affect the Choosing of Colour in Interior Design

25 August 2014

Colour is the important factor in interior design. All the furnishings in our home have close relationship to colour. Therefore, people should pay attention to the colour used in home decoration. The selection of colour in home decoration is often affected by age, gender, character, personal preference and place.

Age: children are innocent, curious to everything. Bright colour is often used in kid’s room. It also matches their active character. Various colour and pattern not only can stimulate their optic nerve, but also can satisfy their curiosity. So bright colour like red, orange, yellow and green is often used to decorate kid’s room.

Youth and middle-age people like study, sport, and are innovative, featured with irritable temper. Usually young people like colour with strong contrast and impact force. This shows their vigorous feature. Middle age people prefer solemn colour for they are not as flaunt as young people, and more humble to life.

There are similarities in middle age people and senior, but senior is more tolerant to life. They like clean and pursuit peace; have stubborn character and are conserving to something. Warm and comfort are the precondition for senior room decoration. Warm colour like dark red, brownish yellow can make senior’s room fashionable and satisfy their living requirement. These colors also can give senior the hint of health, fashion and young. Some seniors may like simple, dark colour like dark green, dark brown, brownish gold etc.

Gender: man and woman have different opinion on colour. Usually man is more prefer dark and cool colour, woman like pale and warm colour more.
Character: People’s character also can affect the colour selection of interior design. For example, the interior design colour for artist is often full of artistry, but scholar often prefers simple, elegant, fresh colour.

Place: Different place should use different colour to satisfy different moral function. For example, in the design of exhibition hall, the colour scheme is decided by the theme and time of exhibition. For a historic theme exhibition, massive and calm colour can reflect the vicissitudes of historical changes and serious of traditional vulture. For sales exhibition, active colour close to life can stimulate the shopping desire of customers and create fiery dealing atmosphere, for common business exhibition, neutral, soft, grayish tone colour can highlight the product and create harmonious on colour. On exhibition time, season and temperature should be considered in colour selection. For example, in the winter exhibition, warm colour should be used to give people the feel of warmth and hotness, which satisfy people’s psychological need and form strong contrast with the cold temperature at outdoor.

So does summer exhibition. Cool colour should be used to give people the feel of peaceful and cool. Find more home improvement tips at melodyhome.

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