How To Embrace The Emotions Of Moving House

19 August 2014

We’ve all heard about how stressful moving house can be, the myriad of things that you need to change and how a moving company can help…
With that in mind, I want to share with you about the emotional side of moving.
Have you been forced to move because of unforeseen circumstances? Upsizing? Downsizing? Moving to be closer to family? New job? Lost your job?
Whatever the reason it is an emotional time.
Sweet emotions…
Either way they all have 1 thing in common- moving where you live. That means you have to pack your stuff up and unpack it.
This process can be a burden or a blessing. I want you to see it as a blessing.
Here’s how you can do that:
Packing- Loose the junk in your life
Have you ever been cleaning your room and ended up spending hours looking through all your old stuff, reminiscing of the good ol’ days?
Packing can be a good time to do this. Enjoy the emotions of looking through your stuff but be sure to throw away all the things you don’t need. Don’t bother taking it with you because not only do you have to pay for it but also it can take some of the joys of moving house.
Don’t loose the chance to have a clean start by bringing all of the crap that bogs your life down. A new place to live can give you a chance to form new habits, new relationships and regain a fresh perspective.
Unpacking- Start Right
As a wise saying goes, start how you want to finish. Get settled in living how you want to keep living. This is again why it’s good to use a moving company because it allows you to focus on what matters.
Moving location gives you a chance to have a new start in areas. It gives you a fresh perspective and a new set of challenges to grow you as a person.
Make sure you capture all of these opportunities for a fresh start. For example if you want to eat healthy, this new environment can be just what you need. Don’t bring piles of junk food with you and this will make it a lot easier.
So, in conclusion:
• Hoarder or not, throw away that crap you don’t need. It feels great and saves you carting around junk you’ll actually never use again.
• Enjoy it (if possible). Soak in the emotion of life and embrace changing times. I know you may be moving for unpleasant reasons but remember it’s how we deal with times of adversity that make us who we are.
If you have a good moving company you can focus on managing your emotions and enjoying the ride as apposed to freaking out.
So here’s to moving lives, not just houses.
This article is sponsored by Best Removals Otago, New Zealand.

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