How to Live an Expatiate Lifestyle

19 August 2014

With the way the world job market works today it is likely you may have found a good and lucrative new job opportunity abroad. Since companies and corporations have been expanding their influence and borders far beyond their country of origin this is not an uncommon occurrence. There are many reasons why one would want to live as an expatiate, but the most common one is a new job or a good promotion.

No matter what spot around the world you’re aiming at, there are always aspects that remain the same no matter what. You will likely experience much home sickness before your mind settles in and it will always be there, lurking in the background no matter how well you’ve adapted. The following tips are aimed to help you with said adaptation and to minimize the social isolation and feelings of alienation so you can deal with the changes:

• Exploration
Being curious is a natural thing that means you will have a chance to explore a brand new culture, sometimes vastly different from your own. Being given the opportunity to open up to new experiences and knowledge is something many dream about but few manage to achieve. Keep that in mind and check out the new opportunities opening for you in the face of hobbies, friendships, sports and great new cuisine.
• Tolerance
You should prepare yourself for many things you won’t be able to change in the culture you’re aiming at. There will be things that you’ll not like no matter how hard you want to, so you will have to live with them. You are a visitor and resident in your new country, not a revolutionary or a judge so keep your opinions close and avoid antagonizing people based on what you don’t understand. Before you decide to judge or comment on people’s actions and culture you should keep in mind that this is a situation where you will need to reserve judgement if you want to adapt.
• Avoiding Routines
The easiest thing is to fall into a regular routine, comfortably moving into a pattern of behavior which will make your days gray and boring. It is very easy to slip into one of those routines, however you can avoid that by exploring the interesting aspects of the country you’re in to keep the magic going.
• Sharing is Caring
Considering you’ll see quite a bit of new things as you visit these locations it would be an excellent opportunity to share. Your family and friends will have a chance to explore this new world with you as long as you find ways to contact them. If you share you will lessen the sense of social isolation to a great degree. You will need a link to the familiar so you can keep a cool head in the face of adversity.
• Being Homesick
No matter how mentally and emotionally hardened you are, there will always be times when you feel homesick. You can’t escape that feeling as you will encounter situations where you’ll miss your old places, friends, relatives and coworkers. In times like these you will need and anchor to keep you happy and balanced, so stay in contact with your family and loved ones. Find your own reasons to be happy without lapsing back into wishful thinking. Look forward and never stop moving.

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