How To Move With Children

22 October 2014

Tips on Moving with Children

Depending on the age of your kids, moving can sometimes be more of a hassle than originally intended. There’s always a ton of questions from the kids and the family, it can make the process so much more stressful. This article should help put all of those questions and concerns to rest with a few tips on how to manage your kids during the move, and insure that they enjoy the process.

Questions and concerns when moving with Children

Explain Simply and Positively

Many parents tend to think that waiting until a week before moving day is the best time tells their kids about it. This is the first mistake. It is actually best to tell your kids what’s going to be happening before you start doing any amount of packing. If the kids see you packing without knowing what’s going on, that’s when you get the thousand-question explosion. Take some time to sit with your kid(s) together and tell them what’s going on in a basic and exciting way. Be positive, tell them it’s okay if they’re nervous but encourage them and tell them that they’re going to love the new place. Take a look at some moving tips blogs that focus on moving with children for some more tips and tricks.

Show them their new house

Children have very active imaginations so it’s important to show them exactly where they will be living. If the new house is close, then take them to see it and describe where their room will be and where their toys will go. It gets them excited and puts their imagination in the right place. If you’re moving long distance, just show them some pictures; it will have the same effect.

Let them help

Moving tip blogs like “top movers online” moving website suggest giving your children some responsibilities during packing. For example, have him/her help you put items such as blankets or plastic ware into boxes. Getting the kids involved will make them more excited about the big day. Also, let them pack up their own items. A few days before the big move, give your kids five minutes to run to their rooms and pick the items that they want to bring with them. They will likely choose items such as their favorite blanket, favorite toy, etc. You can go back later and get their clothing and bed spreads. This makes them feel like grown-ups and also tires them out a bit!

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