How To Pack Best

19 August 2014

Moving house is never easy, but it is an exciting opportunity to start a new life and embrace the changes the relocation will inevitably bring. Every house move involves a number of stages that you need to take care of. One of the hardest parts of relocating is the packing process. However, unpacking and turning an empty house or flat into a real home is equally challenging. In order to save time, effort and energy when unpacking you need to pack in the best possible way. Understand that there is a difference between quick packing and efficient packing. When you use good packing techniques you ensure the safety of your belongings during the transportation and even during storage. Moreover, you will be able to unpack much easier and quicker. Here are some useful tips for you to use:

• Use colour coding: This simple idea will help you out considerably when you start unpacking. Purchase coloured stickers and label the boxes with them. With this technique you will know the exact room each box belongs to once you start unloading the truck. Using stickers is simple and effective and it gives perfect results.
• Write the inventory list as you go: Whether you hire a moving company or a man and van service, these professionals will be taking full care of the transportation of your boxes and packed furniture pieces. Therefore, they will need an inventory list to estimate the cost of the job and you will need an inventory list to keep track of the packing process, loading and unloading. Based on it you can check every single item after the move is complete. Valuables, breakables and other fragile belongings that you are moving in the truck may require an additional insurance.
• Ask for tips: When moving house you will have to keep good communication with the movers. Don’t hesitate to ask for expert tips. Their guidelines are usually the best.
• Stay tidy: It makes all the difference if you avoid making a mess at your home. A messy packing process leads to one thing – more damages.

Follow these useful tips and you packing process will go smoothly.

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