Long Distance Moving Guide

20 August 2014

Relocating to a another city brings its own challenges and headaches. A mixture of old and new re-locating technique will help you a lot in moving interstate. In simple, tried and trusted ways:
Old Tried and Trusted techniques for long distance moves.

•    Make sure the vehicle is up to service, insured. You do not want your journey turn into nightmare with accidents.
•    Top up all fluids and inspect the vehicle for any leakages, tire pressure etc. This inspection is a must and will protect you against , maintenance related unwanted stops.
•    Arrange for your removals in-transit insurance. Since most removal companies do not offer in-transit insurance / marine insurance, it is always better to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
•    Charge up your mobile or Navigation systems. If in-car charging options are available ,make sure you pack your chargers with you, otherwise charge your phones and Navigation devices upfront.
•    If you have pets, arrange for them to travel in separate vehicle with you. Pets are not allowed to be packed with items, to maintain the comfort of your beloved pets , arrange their travel with yourself.
•    If there are young kids travelling, make sure you have enough fluids and foods and entertainment for them to last a full days travel.
•    Check for the air-conditioners , if they have not been used for a while.
•    Do check the vehicle for water leakages, before loading stuff, to protect your furniture against water damage.
•    Make sure you have more than one driver or enough rest breaks while on the move, to protect the main driver against fatigue.
•    If you are planning to hire a moving company, make sure they have offices in the new city. Having offices in different city means you do not have to return fair thus saving you on hundreds of dollars.
•    Wear comfortable clothes while in the vehicle, comfort will make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful move.
•    Let your friends and family know of your plans as contingency measures.
New Tools available with information technology & Computer age.
•    Look on the internet for the most preferred long distance route, so you can protect your furniture against turbulence from roads and bumps.
•    Check for the best route through whirlpool forums, if unsure. People love to share their experience on internet and whirlpool forums are the best source of learning from other people’s experience.
•    Look for restaurants, cafes, stoppages and petrol pumps on the internet upfront, so you can plan your journey in a smooth and comfortable way.
•    Check weather forecast, so a best possible time to travel can assessed. You do not want to be trapped in a foggy , rainy or hot weather. Thanks to present Internet technologies, all the correct information is at our fingerprints.
•    Check for any roadworks on the internet so you do not waste time in road-blacks and traffic jams. Choosing an alternative way upfront will save you valuable time and money.


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