Moving Abroad with a Man and Van

19 August 2014

We all know that moving locally is already stressful enough as it is but moving to another country can bring many more complications. When you’re moving abroad, you have to plan everything very carefully. Ensuring all your goods are moved with you is another stressful task which may you need professional help with.

Firstly, you must take care of all paperwork including banks and other legal organisations before you move. Cancel any phone contracts you may have before moving or you can just transfer then to a colleague who is looking for a good deal. You must also ensure that you have a rough idea of where the local transportation is located near to where you’re moving abroad as well as emergency services.

If you are moving abroad for work, then it’s a good idea to ensure that you have a few days after you’ve arrived to sort all your things out and make your new house or flat feel at home. If you are going to have a car in your new place, you must also take care of all insurance and tax for your vehicle.

When you’re moving, you should always pack everything well as your items will most likely go through a few bums here and there during transit. Using plenty of bubble wrap for delicate goods and placing light items in big boxed and heavier items in smaller boxes is the way to go.

Once you’ve packed, you will need to find a good removals service that will help you transport all your possessions to your new home abroad. Some companies charge by the kilo, some by the size of the items you need to move and some simply give you a fixed price for a man and a van for your removals needs and you can fill the van up with all your items and there won’t be any change in price.

Something you may also need is insurance. Most movers have insurance for when you’re moving within the same country but it is out of the question for when moving abroad, this leaves you to find adequate insurance for all your possessions, because only you know the value they have and you should decide the level of protection it needs.

Before you load any van or container, make an inventory of everything you’re moving and keep all important documents with you. Once everything has arrived at your new home, check all boxes for openings and check them out off your inventory before the delivery man leaves.

Whether you are moving from Twickenham or looking to move with a Man and Van in North London, preparation will always make your move smooth and avoids the hassle of bad surprises during your move.

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