Moving Tips for Dog Owners

19 January 2015

Moving your house can be a testing time for you and your entire family. It involves a lot of work, from selecting a moving company to making sure everything is packed right and secure on the moving van. Surely there is a lot to do and you will be working with a tight schedule. With so many things to keep in mind, it can often times be easy to forget about the one who are have the least say in the matter of moving – your pet dog.

Your furry companion is going to be stressed just as much as you are during the moving. Dogs are highly territorial, and easily get used to a house. When you suddenly relocate them, it can be tough for them re-adjust. There will be new environment, new surrounding, new everything. To make it easy for your furry friend, you must make sure you devote some time and attention to get through this process easily.

Here are few suggestions that outline how you can make this process easier for your dog. Follow them to ensure the transition from one house to another is as smooth for them as possible.

-    Before you actually move to the new place, make sure you bring the pet there a few times. This will introduce the new environment and make it easier the next time you go there. It will be far better for your pet friend to recognize the new house and accept the move when it finally happens.

-    Familiarize them with boxes and other packing materials early. You will be using a lot of these and for a good period of time. The dog must get accustomed to the towering boxes in your hallway, waiting to be loaded and the sudden opening of space in every room as you remove the furniture interior. You can consider isolating the dog in a separate room that you can pack the stuff from last. This way their surrounding will remain the same and not cause additional stress.

-    Keep the dog away when the movers arrive. All the activity during loading and taking your belongings to the vehicle will be new and stressful. Walk in there from time to time and talk to the animal to keep it calm.

-    Regardless of how you transport your dog to the new home, make sure you have all their favorite toys, rugs, food bins and basically their whole inventory with you. You will need all of it once you reach your new destination.

-    Once the moving van reaches your new home, it can be tempting to let the dog loose to explore the place. But a new house can be overwhelming for them, which is why you should allow them to initially adjust to one room. Put all their equipment there as well and gradually introduce the pet to the rest of the house.

Your dog will offer unconditional love and affection, so it is up to you to provide support during such stressful time as moving. With the suggestions outlined you can achieve that and enjoy your – and your dog’s – new home in no time.  

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