Moving to Mumbai – Here’s a Heads Up!

19 August 2014

The Maharashtrain Capital City and the most populous metropolis in India, Mumbai has been an extremely popular destination for relocation for the past 5 decades. This is somewhat incongruous with the fact that it is hardly an easy city to live in; while Mumbaikars may love their city to bits, it has its own issues and poses its residents with many challenges. If you’re relocating to Mumbai soon, then be forewarned about what all you might have to face.

High Realty Prices
Mumbai is well-known for its high realty prices that are steadily rocketing with the common man having no access to any kind of respite. Rentals in the decent neighborhoods are high despite the house-sizes being surprisingly small. Finding a suitable house that is somewhat close to your workplace is usually not easy. So, be prepared for small houses, exorbitant rents, and an exhausting (often frustrating) house hunting process.

Terrible Monsoons
Who hasn’t heard terrifying stories about the Mumbai monsoons? And yes, it is all true; Mumbai does seem to clog like a malfunctioning drain with the first heavy showers each season, the traffic certainly gets worse than ever, and there is often a startling amount of destruction and loss that is associated with the rainy season here. Be mentally prepared to face such uncontrollable natural extremities if you’re soon going to be living here.

Crazy Traffic
Being a busy metropolitan city, the traffic conditions are naturally rather sad. The roads get ridden with pot holes every year and jam-packed with cars in the peak hours, thus causing long traffic jams that can drive your crazy.

Public Transport
Given the unfavorable traffic conditions in Mumbai, most people travel using the most affordable and viable means of public transport – trains. Unfortunately, this also means that the locals (as they are popularly called in Mumbai) are almost always full of people with virtually no room to sit, stand, or breathe. While Mumbaikars are used to it, for a newcomer their first train journey can be a frightening yet important lesson about survival in Mumbai.

What Will Help
While it is impossible to change all that is undesirable in the city, you can look at the positives and look forward to the move. Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city where you’ll have access to various modern amenities. In fact, your relocation experience itself can be a smooth and easy journey, especially if you choose RelocateXP, which help you find packers and movers in mumbai at the lowest possible prices. All you have to do is go to its website and fill in some details to generate results. What’s even better is that you will be able to track your goods movement in real time through our special tracking feature.

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