Organize Your Garage

19 August 2014

Dirty garages are the bane of many a home – fortunately, cleaning them is much easier than most people think! If you’d like to get the clutter out of your life, follow these three easy steps.

Step One: Eliminate the Waste
Most dirty garages are filled with things you don’t need. In fact, chances are this is the main problem, so the first step to having an organized garage is getting rid of all the waste.
Now, it’s important to be ruthless here. If you don’t truly and honestly need something, then it doesn’t need to stay in your garage. Keep important things like instruction manuals for devices you still use, hardware tools, and items of that nature – but toss everything else. You don’t need them, you don’t want them, and they’re only causing you trouble… so there’s no reason to keep them.

Step Two: Add Storage Units
Now that all of the waste has been removed, it’s time to truly organize things. Adding anything to the garage when you’re trying to de-clutter the place may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s actually one of the fastest ways of getting rid of the clutter.
The following are the major types of storage units a garage should have. Mix and match them as-needed to deal with your household’s needs.
• Pantry Shelf: Units with shelves 12-18 inches high are intended for storing food and similar items. Try to keep these as far away from the garage door as possible; this will help minimize the impact of weather on perishables.
• Bulk Storage: These units often resemble a table with storage beneath them, and should be used to store large items like bags of fertilizer or some major pieces of hardware. Freezers fall into this category – don’t place anything too heavy on top of them, but do make use of that space.
• Miscellaneous Storage: You should also have at least one tool storage chest – the kind with a dozen or more small drawers on it that you can put all your small items into.

Step Three: Sort Your Items
Now that you have your storage units in place, you can start putting all of your things onto them. If you’re economical with your space, you should be able to line the edges of your garage with storage and get the center cleaned out. Once you’ve done that, the job of organizing everything is complete and should you wish to really get things look better you can always install a brand new garage door . You can find more info at

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