Planning For A Summer Move

19 August 2014

Summer is the most popular time for people to relocate their homes. Most common reasons why people tend to move during summer are children’s school schedules and dry weather. There are a few things to realize when planning for a move this summer. Take into consideration these tips in order to accomplish a successful summer move.

Number one is booking your move in advance. Summer is the busiest time of year for movers so it would be best to get a moving company in line at least a month in advance. This also applies for shipping your car as well. Also, movers tend to be busier on the weekends and at end of month. Also, during the more busy times movers will charge more for a move because the space has more demand.

Do not be surprised if a moving company will ask for a deposit on a large move during these times because it is very likely they are turning down work to compensate for the move.
One aspect during a summer move is the heat, especially if moving to Texas, Arizona or Florida or even if enlisting in a moving company in the UK. While it may be stressful and tiring for the customer during the heat, imagine what it is like for the movers. Be sure to provide some refreshments and keep a cooler filled with liquids for easy access for the movers. Usually movers will provide their own drinks but having cold ones available is always a good gesture.

Do not be surprised if the movers get a little agitated during a summer move. Since it is hot and they are moving heavy furniture, it is likely for the workers to get frustrated. It is very important as the customer to take this into consideration and understand the intense stressful environment.

Another part of a summer move is the involvement of the children. Since they will be out of school, they can be either in the way or it is encouraged to get them involved. Assign them some simple tasks such as packing up their room, being in charge of labeling boxes or any other simple task to keep their minds active. Moving can be a stressful time on kids, especially if moving far away so do not forget to tend to their needs during a relocation.

The number one piece of information that I can provide you when performing a summer move is to be prepared. While moving companies are the busiest during summer months, it is important to arrange your relocation in advance in order to secure a date for the movers. Good luck to everyone this summer and have a great relocation experience.
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