Selling Your Home Before Moving House: Preparing Your Garden

19 August 2014

If you have decided to put your home up for sale and move then there might be one part of your property that you have neglected…the garden. If you have a front and/or back garden then you need to make sure that this part of your property is up to scratch or you may turn away potential buyers.

It can be easy to forget about the garden when you are selling up but you need to take some time to make it presentable to anyone that may be coming over to view your home, especially if you are selling in the spring/summer. It is at this time when your garden will be starting to grow after the winter and could be in need of a spring clean.

It may be the case that all you need to do is sweep up some leaves and do a spot of weeding and voila! you are sorted. Chances are that you are going to need to do a bit more than that. The first thing you need to decide is whether you can do it yourself. If you are a keen gardener or don’t mind putting in a few hours work then you will be able to tackle the garden yourself. On the other hand, if the thought of getting your hands dirty is extremely unappealing then you will need to hire someone to do it for you.

Whether you are doing the garden yourself or getting someone in to do it the start point is the same, what needs to be done? Be realistic and decide whether you are just going to tidy up the garden or give it a complete makeover. This decision will eat into your moving home budget but if you feel the garden will help sell the home then putting in some extra work and money will make all the difference.

Tidy it up:
• Sweep up the leaves
• Tidy away any rubbish
• Prune trees and bushes
• Edge off the lawn
• Pull up the weeds
• Makeover
• Pull out bushes
• Fell trees
• Put down bark or stones to give the garden a new look
• Build a patio area
• Plant some flowers

Give yourself plenty of time to get the garden done, you will be relying on the weather so when you get a chance to get some work done then grab it as you do not know when the rain will come or for how long it will last! If you know when your house is going on the market then give yourself a good few weeks before hand to get organised and get the work done.

If you are planning on getting someone to come and do the garden then shop around for the best person and price. Work on recommendations of friends and family and look in the local paper and online local websites. Depending on the type of work that you need doing will depend on who you bring in and what price. If you need a tidy up done then you could get someone who is just starting out, and get a good rate. If it is something more complex then you will need a more experienced person.

Whether you have a south facing garden or a north facing garden in Kirkintilloch it will need some tender loving care to capture a buyers imagination, don’t forget it is there!
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