Stress Reducing Techniques for Bedroom Decoration

19 August 2014

Under the quick living tempo, the pressure from the human beings is growing with each passing day. Therefore, it is very important for our human beings to treasure the short sleeping time. The sleep quality is not only affected by the individual reasons, but also the sleep space created by the decoration, such as the color, lights, bedding. Though it seems a small problem, it has huge influence on people’s sleeping quality.

Color collocation
Decorating your room in different color can give you a totally different visual feeling. Normally, the color of the bedroom wall had better be light blue, green and white. In this way, it can offer you a quiet, elegance and cozy feeling so that you can have a good sleep. If you can collocate the curtain, wall paintings, bedspread as well as the bedding with the light green or light blue, it will have a better effect. You could choose the woody furniture for the bedroom, for the color of the wood is the nature color, which is simple and plain. It can give you a more harmonious sleeping environment. Besides, for the color and flower pattern of the bedding, you had better avoid the over stimulation and exaggerating ones. The blue and green has function on settling down the mood.

Light choosing
Most of the people are easier to sleep in the comparatively dark environment. Therefore, the bed can be settled down at the dark corners or separate from the activity areas by screen or septal fenestra. What’s more, you should choose the cold color curtains. If you are the kind of people who are lack of safety in the dark, you can light a small red light. It is helpful for the quick sleep.
For the lights, it meets different needs for installing the lights in different places and different luminance wall lights and beside lights. Melodyhome suggest you use table light in conjunction with the adjustable height and luminance light. Besides, you could change it darker before sleep.
Install the rattan weave droplights with orange cover can help you sleep.

Small articles for sleep peacefully
You should keep your bedroom clean and tidy. Too much cats and dogs will disturb the sleep. on the contrary, the small green plants and aroma are good for your sleep.
The aroma: it has function of calming nerves and fast sleep. Therefore, you could put some aroma articles on the bedside table. The light scent can induce you to enter the deep sleep mode. So that it can guarantee your sleep quality.

The green plants: it forms a block space between the wall and the spindle headstock. The deep color spindle head stock with fresh green plants can bring your bedroom fresh and energy.
Books: reading before sleep is a good habit. After a busy day, you can lie down watching the books you like. No matter it is the fashion magazine or the bedtime reading, it can offer you a good sleep with happy mood. However, you had better read the short article to guarantee the sleeping time.
Music: you cannot be too excitement before sleep. You could listen to some quiet light music to settle the mood.
No matter how busy you are, you should come to a halt and enjoy a good rest. You can read more on Melodyhome.

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