The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Floors

19 August 2014

The advantages of laminate flooring:
1. Compared with traditional solid wood flooring, laminate flooring has more choice in specification and dimension.
2. Diversified assortments: laminate flooring can imitate all kinds of natural wood pattern and artificial pattern and color.
3. Good ensemble effects after laying
4. Uniform color and good visual effect
5. Better surface wear-resisting property, flame retardant property, fouling resistant property, corrosion resistance, compression resistance and shock resistance compared with solid wood floor.
6. Easy to clean and maintenance
7. Good compression resistance. It breaks the tissue of wood and destroys the property of wood expansion in wet environment and contraction in dry environment.
8. Convenient to install
9. Cheap prices

The disadvantages of laminate flooring:
1. Poor foot feel compared with solid wood flooring as its high density.
2. Laminate floor has poor repairability. It cannot repair once be damaged.
3. It will release formaldehyde for using formaldehyde tackiness agent during production process. When the formaldehyde emission exceeds certain standard, it will cause environment pollution and do harm to human.
Solid wood flooring is floor processed directly by wood. It is the most traditional and old floor. Solid wood is the first choice in home flooring material.

The advantages of solid wood floor:
1. As it uses natural wood as raw material, solid wood flooring is featured with natural color, annual ring and texture. It has good visual effect and is environmental friendly.
2. Good elasticity and small friction coefficient. This make it has comfortable foot feel.
3. Good heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption and insulating property.
4. It can be refurbished by planning and removing paint.

The disadvantages of solid wood flooring:
1. It has poor wear-resisting performance.
2. The using environment of solid wood flooring must be dry. Humidity will cause deformation of it.
3. It will be corrode by chemicals like acid and alkali.

The advantages of parquet:
1. It has the same features of solid wood floor: elegant and natural look, comfort foot feel and good thermal insulation properties. Parquet also overcomes the defect of solid wood floor crack for monomer contraction. It has good dimensional stability and is insect prevention. It will not deform. Parquet is the substitute for solid wood floor from the prospect of protecting forest resources.
2. it has easy installation and maintenance merit of laminate flooring and avoids the disadvantages of high formaldehyde emission, poor foot feel. High quality parquet uses senior inferior smooth paint, which enhance its wear-resisting property. It does not need to lacquer within several years.
3. Parquet has high machining precision, the technology requirement for surface layer, central layer and underlayer is higher than other wood floor. Therefore parquet has stable structure and good installation effect.

The disadvantages of parquet:
1. Poor wear resistance than laminate flooring.
2. High prices
3. It is difficult to identify inner quality for its complex structure and high technology requirement.
The advantages of bamboo floor: bamboo floor is made of mature bamboo. It has the characteristics of freshness and elegant style, mild gloss, unique structure, beautiful exterior. Bamboo floor is non-poisonous, innocuity and pollution free for it is made by special technology.

The disadvantages of bamboo floor: although bamboo floor is processed by drying treatment which reduces the size change, bamboo will deformation for the influence of climate humidity change. Therefore, people should take measures to adjust the humidity in the dry season, such as using humidifier. Keep good ventilation in wet season to provide dry environment for bamboo floor. Bamboo floor should avoid exposing under sunlight and soaking by rain.
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