Things to Remember while Handling the Removal of Your Apartment

20 August 2014

Sooner or later you will have to relocate if you are living in an apartment. Very few people stay in one apartment all their lives. Families expand and rise in their fortune and people eventually move out to a house or another apartment at least. You need to lead a very boring and motionless life in order to stay in one single apartment all your life. The relocation of an apartment is easier but also it is a bit more sophisticated than other types of move.

The first thing you need to take care of after or before you start packing your belongings is thoroughly and properly cleaning the whole apartment. Remember that you need to spare enough time in order to do the cleaning the right way. Cleaning up the apartment is absolutely essential if you have rented the apartment and you are moving out. Usually, every renter is notified 2 months before his departure date to start preparing for moving out of the apartment and leaving it in a proper condition. The cleaning process involves everything-cleaning the living room, the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen, all the rooms-including the floor, the walls and the windows. A useful tip connected to cleaning is to wash the walls, the windows, the floor and the roofs thoroughly with shampoo or soap. Also ask from the landowner a list with all the belongings in the house before you moved so that you don’t make a mistake and take involuntary something that doesn’t belong to you. Also you can just as easily forget something. Then, make sure you take a proper look at the report on the conditions of all the furniture and devices before you moved in. The conditions should be equally good or better than the time in which you moved in. To make sure that you won’t have any problems binding you to your old apartment, invite the landlord’s agents to check the apartment the day before you leave. Another and easier thing you could do is taking pictures of literally every corner of every room in your house and then simply present them to the landlord. If he finds you trustworthy and he establishes that everything is okay according to the pictures you will receive the green light to move out without any further obligations to that place whatsoever. If you have attached any posters to the wall you will have to take them down and any decorations or items that you have brought in will have to be taken with you as you move out of the place.

It is absolutely essential to leave the apartment following protocol and the established routine. If you don’t fill out the proper documents and if you don’t leave the apartment in the desired condition you can certainly say goodbye to whatever security deposit you paid for the apartment. Do not even think of taking off from the apartment without informing the landlord in advance. There isn’t a more foolish thing to do. You will not only have to pay for the rest of your lease, but you will also have to pay some additional taxes. And of course, it is morally incorrect. If you do it all by the book and you prove to be a good tenant you won’t just make a good impression but you can also ask for a recommendation from the landlord which will give you significant advantage when you are applying for a rent with other apartments anywhere else.

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