Useful Tools for Your Removal

20 August 2014

Moving house is not the hardest of tasks, despite popular belief. Millions of people all over the world move every year and do it more than successfully. There is always a risk for accidents and damages, but if you prepare well you can avoid them. One of the common moving questions is what equipment to use if you are doing the move yourself or most of it at least. When you start packing and moving it can be quite frustrating to realize that you are missing on an important tool and you need to buy it or borrow it immediately. Here is a list of such must-haves that it’s best to get before the move.

1.    Utility and furniture dolly.
If you have never done a house move before, you can’t possibly imagine how much lifting and carrying you will need to do. It can be frustrating to realize that you cannot manage as easily as you have thought, not even with the help of others. Using a big dolly for the major appliances and furniture is an absolute must for a successful and quick move. The items you will need a dolly for include: the refrigerator, the washing-machine, the dishwasher, the stove, the shower, the stove, the sofa, the armchairs, the tables, the cupboards and others. Did you do the math? Almost everything at home will need the assistance of a good dolly. It’s best to get at least 2 dollies, so you can stack boxes on one of them while you are using the other one for the large items. The furniture dolly has a big flat base and is great for moving awkwardly-shaped items too. Don’t forget to use strong straps to secure the items on the dollies, especially if you need to negotiate stairs or an elevator.

2.    Moving blankets/pads.
If you have never used moving blankets when moving, then you have missed out a lot, as these are perfect for moving all sorts of big and heavy items and loading them inside the moving truck too. Wrap the furniture in stretch wrap, and then wrap it in a moving blanket to preserve not only the furniture from scratching and damages, but also the flooring and the walls of your house. These blankets are quite indispensable, but if you need more of them, consider renting them, instead of buying.

3.    Straps and ropes.
These are also quite overlooked during a house move, but as it has already been mentioned, they are a must when using a dolly. Moreover, they are perfect when moving sofas and tables and you need an extra pair of hands. They will also protect your back from strain as you wouldn’t need to kneel and lift with your entire body.

4.    Stair-roller.
If you have stairs leading to your home, this tool is a must for the move. It is a small device which can save you lots of physical effort. You attach the stair-roller to a heavy item and then you can easily roll it down the stairs. It is quite useful if the stairs are carpeted too.

Don’t forget to get enough black markers for labeling the boxes, plenty of packing tape and scissors. If you have many helpers on-site don’t pass around just one tape and one marker, as this will slow down the process. Remember that your move can go as smoothly as you want it to, as long as you have all the necessary tools for it.

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