Winter Move to Holland Park

20 August 2014

Winter house relocations are some of the hardest to do, for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a winter house move is the fact that it’s much easier to find an available reputable moving company for your ideal date and you get to pay less than you would at any other time of the year. Most people who move house are unaware of the basics of house moves and that’s why summer has been established as the peak season for both house and office moves, whether short or long-distance. In fact, winter is the season when you can fit the move within a much smaller budget and still receive professional service. Without doubt, your upcoming winter move to the area of Holland Park, in London, is causing you lots of stress and you are dreading the whole experience, but you need to know that house moves are so common these days that there is really nothing that special about them anymore. They are tough and challenging, memorable and life-changing, but they are also completely normal, so preparing for a move shouldn’t terrify you. What is it that you should know about relocations in winter?

First of all, London won’t be the nicest place during the coldest months. Expect rain, snow, wind and rapidly changing weather and temperatures on a daily basis. If you are ready for that, the rest will seem just fine. Second of all, just because in winter most companies have more available dates, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t research and it’s alright to choose the first company you see on the Internet. Take your time to browse London removal companies and ask for quotes. Understand that full coverage is a must, so without insurance, there shouldn’t be anything to discuss further. Ideally, you will have three or four quotes to compare and past reference for all the companies you are considering.

This will make your choice much easier. Third of all, winter is the toughest season for a move, not only because of the weather, but also in terms of work, school and holidays. Moving in the middle of the Christmas holidays or just after New Year’s might be too big of a challenge, so choose the moving date wisely – any time between mid-January and beginning of March will be tolerable enough. Consider paying for professional packing services as the safety of your belongings is the most important. If you need to put your items in storage or you are doing a long-distance move, the weather shouldn’t affect them. This can be secured by the proper packing material and the right packing techniques.

One of the most important things about winter hose moves is being well-prepared for the actual moving day. This means having a shovel and salt at hand, if it’s been snowing, wearing warm and comfortable clothes, taking the car for a check-up before the journey, being all packed and ready when the movers arrive and doing a full cleanup of the house. Make sure you arrange for the heating to be on at the house or flat you are moving to and double check every detail before you go. These little things can make or break your winter move so it’s best to be aware of them beforehand and stay focused and organized. Winter moves are not as hard as most people think, but they are just as challenging as every relocaton.
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